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Above All Else
Above All Else: Workshop Edition
*Please note: The above draft still requires a lot of work. I intend to switch it over to Sugarcube, incorporate images, and add sounds. I also intend to add more agency, variations in text, and extending the plot past the climax. I thought knowing this might help you understand what direction I am trying to go in.*

Above All Else: Final Assignment Edition
Number Guessing Game
College Student Simulator 3000: Draft 1
College Student Simulator 3000: Workshop Draft
Notes: There are still some bugs that need to be worked out with links and calculations. When you loop 15 times and have code that's 60 lines long, it can be a little trying to fix the mistakes...especially if they don't make sense. (I'm looking at you Week 3 >.>)
College Student Simulator 3000: Final Version